Our Guarantee

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It is not morally or ethically right for us to guarantee that you will respond to treatment. No doctor can guarantee a cure for any disease or condition. But at 1st Choice Chiropractic Centre we do believe that all patients should have assurances of what they can expect to receive when starting treatment at our clinic.

Our guarantee to you:

  • Our complete honesty.
  • To accept only those cases we truly feel that clinical results are anticipated and to inform patients of probable treatment outcomes, risks, and benefits.
  • To expect 100% effort on our part to provide quality care.
  • To receive a referral to other health care professionals when your condition indicates treatment is needed outside the scope of our practice.
  • To receive courteous and respectful care by both doctors and support staff.
  • To participate with you in the development of your individualized treatment plan and for us to receive your consent on all decisions regarding your health care based on clear, concise explanations of your condition.
  • To be assured of the confidentiality of records and information regarding your treatment or status.
  • To an explanation of fees, payment policies, and your bill-regardless of payment source.
  • To access information in your clinical records.

During the first 60 days of starting care at our clinic, if you are for any reason not satisfied with the service you received, we will refund all money paid to us. We don’t want your money if you aren’t satisfied!

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